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Dedham Vale Vineyard has been producing outstanding wine from its 40 acre estate for over 25 years.  Lying on the edge of the Stour Valley at Boxted, the vineyard grows and produces six styles of award-winning English wine and Carter’s Cider.

At the heart of the vineyard is an enthusiasm for quality and taste and a commitment to producing the finest still and sparkling Essex wines.  We use locally grown fruit in our Carter’s Cider and champion local producers at all our events reinforcing Dedham Vale Vineyard’s reputation as a centre of excellence for local artisanal products. 

Tom and Ben Bunting look forward to welcoming you and sharing their passion for English wine.  The vineyard hosts events throughout the year and is open for tours and wine tastings.

 Our origins

In 1990, one and a half acres of vines were planted on a portion of the land in Boxted known as Carter’s Farm. 

The area behind the old farm buildings was characterised by very impoverished soil, light loam over sand and gravel.  The land sloped gently to the south and it was suggested that it could be suitable for vines.  The Dedham Vale has an historical link to winemaking which was introduced to the valley by the Romans.

Three years later, the vines produced their first grapes and the 1993 harvest produced Carter's Vineyards' first vintage.

In 1995 on the 50th anniversary of VE Day, Carter’s Vineyards was asked to contribute to a European Food and Wine Fair in Colchester’s Culver Square and the first bottles of Carter’s Vineyards' Colchester Wine were sold.  

The vineyard today

In 2013 as a mark of the progress and success of the enterprise, the vineyard rebranded under the Dedham Vale name to reflect the geographical location of the Estate and to encourage visitors to experience this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Tasting Barn has been renovated as a showcase for all the Estate’s products and in 2016, the vineyard planted 12 new acres of Orion and Chardonnay grapes on the edge of Colchester for sparkling wine production.

The vineyard team offer a warm welcome to visitors for wine tasting and to enjoy the beautiful English countryside of the Dedham Vale.